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Sinkhole Project / Ginny
November 2018

Ginny Projects presents Sinkhole London, a selection of work for Sinkhole Project, Baltimore on a fence in Museum Gardens Bethnall Green, London.

Featuring: Sofía Clausse, Angelique Heidler, Dominic Myatt, Holly White, Issac Lythgoe, Jaako Pallasvuo, Jake Kent, James Jessiman, James St. Findlay, Joe Cheetham, Liam Walker, Lukas Thaler, Matilda Moors, May Hands, Mimosa Echard, Robert Brambora, Richard Dodwell, Zuzanna Czebatul & Valerie Kong.

checking for
checks so far so 
good knowlege
power Classical
Weirdo! how does
it run Wake up so
GLobal Flattening
and again
away from it all